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Profile of The Amravati District Central Co-operative Bank Ltd.,

Name The Amravati District Central Co-operative Bank Ltd.,
Address Camp Road, Irvin Square, Amravati – 444602.
Reg. No. 24956, Dt. 25.01.1962
Licence No. RPCD.Nag.DCCB/L/13, Dt. 16 March, 2015
Email ID amtdccbho@rediffmail.com
Website www.amravatidccb.org

            For the development of the co-operative movement in the district, the need for establishment of separate machinery for the distribution of finance in the rural areas was felt necessary and hence the DCCBs came into existence as a central financing agency to meet the financial needs of various co-op. field in the district. Central co-op. banks are established under the Co-op. Act 1912. Co-operative Societies Act gave birth to many co-op. Institutions. Amravati District Central Co-op. Bank came into existence on 25th Jan 1962 after amalgamation of Taluka Central Co-op. Banks working in the district. The name Amravati Dist. Central Co-op. Bank came into existence after the MSC Act 1960 came in force independently for Maharashtra State. Formerly, Taluka Banks were acting in the district. Since last 54 years, the bank is rendering remarkable service to its members, depositors and customers. As a central financing agency in the district the Amravati DCCB is the platform on which the Co-op. Societies in the district use to maintain their reserve funds, deposits and others.


The area of operation of the bank is extended over the Amravati District. At present the bank is rendering the services through its 90 branches, 3 Extention Counters and 5 Regional Offices having its Head Office at Camp Road, Amravati.


The main objectives of the bank are:

  • To act as balancing centre of finance for the Primary Societies, in the area of operation by providing them with funds when they have a need.

  • To collect money in various deposits schemes from members and others.

  • To provide necessary banking facilities to the customers.

  • To develop and extend banking facilities in rural and urban areas.

  • To develop the Co-operative movement in the district on sound lines and to act as friend philosopher and guide.

  • To supervise, guide and control the Co-op. Societies in the district.

  • To promote and nurture SGHs and extend them the financial needs.

Constitution of BOD:

The Board of Directors is the managing body of the bank. In support to this, thereare various committees viz. Executive, Staff, Development, Audit & Building Constructions, Computer, Investment for the smooth and quick running of the bank.


The staff pattern of the Bank consist of 755 various posts as below.

Sr. No. Particulars/Grade Nos.
1 Chief Executive Officer --
2 SM II --
3 MM I 01
4 MM II 05
5 JM I 101
6 JM II 82
7 Assistant 192
8 Peon/ Sec. Guard 109
9 Tech/ Driver 09


The Constitution of the bank is of a mixed type consisting both Cooperative Societies and Individuals as members. The data of members for last two years is as below.

Sr. No. Particulars 2019-20 2020-21
1 Co-op, Societies 1834 1838
2 Individuals 1382 1382
TOTAL 3216 3220


The authorized share capital of the bank is Rs. 80.00 crore. The position of Share Capital & Reserves of the Bank for last two years as below: (Rs. in lacs)

Sr. No. Particulars 2019-20 2020-21
1 Paid Share Capital 7172.05 7747.04
2 Reserve fund & Other fund 6343.06 6834.46
3 Provision. 31594.82 38565.70
TOTAL 45109.93 53147.20


To meet the challenges and competition in banking industry, ADCC Bank has extended his services to the customers using technology. All the branches are under CBS environment. Bank has its own Data Center and DR Site.

Facilities like ATM, Rupay Card, RTGS/NEFT, ABB, DBTL are available for the customers in the Bank.